Strategic Foresight to connect insights from the futures with business possibilities. Speculative concepts and scenarios.

Human Dynamics® Our system to understand human behaviors, consumer psychology  and holistic drivers.

Strategic Design, to make tangible the value propositions and connect people's perceptions with expectations.



We are naturally prepare to drive innovation; our Latin culture is full of empathy and sensibility and all the soft skills required to understand people's behavior. Our teams are multi-perspective, with T shape formation and a global mindset.


Change is organized in three divisions that facilitates, detection, generation, capture and value delivery to our clients.


An innovation firm with futurist DNA

Our consultancy is focused on futures-driven insights and on progressive business strategies to shape ideal futures. Here's how we do it:

Our work processes in three great categories



The most progressive team, responsible for helping our clients to change the way they think, act and feel towards the future.


Their work consists in giving answers, speculate possibilities and challenge status quo.


Human Dynamics


Our HDD teams are responsible of understanding consumers psychology and emotions behind behavior, perception or decision making.


From a profound immersion, high value insights are generated. The projects are based on design research, market exploration and constant interaction with stakeholders.


Strategic Design


The Strategic Design division makes tangible the new value, always with the human being at the center of any initiative, our teams generate concepts, prototypes, pilot tests, validations, adjustments and scalability models so perception is always appropriate.


Through Strategic Design, we connect value between people.


We believe in empathy, sensibility and creativity as the new values behind relevant brands, products, services, experiences and business models.


We are a family of restless minds, always in search of the next big thing, designing business solutions for growth, commercial relevance and human transcendence.


Change is a firm of progressive consulting, a competitive advantage for your organization.


The power of Will